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Dao nft meaning-daos crypto 2022.Another important area in the NFT space is music, where many artists large and small have their tunes turned into unique digital assets. MODA DAO goes a step further by making these digital passes a governance tool for artists and their managers to control royalty contracts.

This eliminates the middleman found in traditional streaming services. The agreement recently completed a funding round of approximately $5 million, which included contributions from top artists such as Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin.


While increased awareness and aggressive regulatory measures have undoubtedly led to a surge in DAO acceptance, security threats remain a major hurdle. this is also outlined by the recent attack on the BadgerDAO protocol, which cost investors approximately $120 million.

In fact, the first DAOs, simply known as The DAO, were operating as a venture capital fund in the crypto and decentralized space. It was previously hacked and lost $70 million, or 15% of the entire ETH supply at the time, and also caused a hard fork of the ethereum network.

Can the link between DAO and NFT accelerate the arrival of Web3?


Clearly, DAO attacks that can be reached using vulnerabilities are particularly distressing for investors involved in raising large amounts of capital. These concerns are further exacerbated by the longevity of smart contracts and the risks associated with providing control to a large number of investors.


Despite these drawbacks, the DAO-NFT duo has certainly contributed to the birth of a new creator economy. One that will be based on unique pass-throughs and collective ownership, allowing more creators and users to participate and interact, while eliminating intermediaries.

As the world prepares to transition to a new phase of the Internet, this ownership structure will ensure that investors at all levels can participate in its creation and operation.

To guarantee that their authoring and technical requirements do not become a barrier to adoption, projects such as UpStream Collective have emerged to simplify DAO creation and ensure that the vision of Web3 is realized.


Imagine a world where, instead of being controlled by closed board meetings and behind-the-scenes consortia, it is run by decentralized governance on open source networks, which is the vision that blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) look to achieve.

In essence, DAOs are purely Internet native organizations with no centralized leadership, operating through on-chain rules built into smart contracts.

DAOs allow for a bottom-up decision making process where consensus is reached through voting, and typically pass-throughs step in and act as governance tokens that allow holders to participate in all major decisions.

Can the link between DAO and NFT accelerate the arrival of Web3?

While this may sound like a term spurred by the recent buzzword Web3, DAOs have actually been around for years.

During this time, DAOs have managed to gain some market share in the crypto space, and many widely known DeFi projects such as UniSwap are actually governed by DAOs.

DAOs fit perfectly into the utopian decentralized Internet envisioned by Web 3.0 enthusiasts. There is no intermediary and collective ownership is promoted.

DAO's vision of an ownership-based economy is also shared by NFT, which became the "next big thing" in crypto this year ahead of DAO, which broke Google search records and became the Collins Dictionary word of the year.

Meanwhile, NFT sales surged to $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021. And by early December, there were at least $26.9 billion in NFT-related smart contracts.

Archival files, digital animals, music, memes, and even tweets are being minted as NFTs and sold for millions of dollars, providing a virtual marketplace for artists and creators in a world that is steadily transitioning to digital.

Can the link between DAO and NFT accelerate the arrival of Web3?


The popularity of NFT this year is being driven by art collecting in the crypto space. Marketplaces such as BAYC, CryptoKitty, and those like OpenSea have facilitated some of this traffic. But the popularity of NFTs lies mainly in their ability to provide secure and public proof of ownership.

Recently, some DAOs have been created for the sole purpose of purchasing NFTs, such as the $4 million purchase of a rare Wu-Tang Clan CD, and the unsuccessful $20 million raised in the form of a DAO to purchase the "U.S. Constitution" NFT.

NFT and DAO have now developed a symbiotic relationship. This has triggered simultaneous growth in both industries. But how can DAOS help NFT's governance and growth? Can both find their place on Web 3?


To answer this question, we must examine how these two entities are related and how their ecosystems have evolved.

NFTs are digital assets and DAOs are ways to manage organizations through pass-throughs. While artists can transform their creations into blockchain-based assets for security and verifiability, DAOs help in the public ownership and governance of these assets.

DAOs also help build communities of emerging creators by helping them crowdfund, invest, support and market their work, activities that are incentivized through future profits.

In order to do this, creators must sell their NFTs to the DAO, which redeems them for collective or fractional ownership of the NFTs. While the NFT will act as a backing asset for the DAO and provide value to it, pass-through ownership will ensure that DAO members have a voice in governance.

They will then vote on the fate of the NFT and profit from the possible price appreciation of the pass-throughs. Due to the uniqueness, non-fungibility and scarcity of NFT, both NFT and the passes it uses as collateral have the potential to appreciate in value.

While helping artists, DAO can also provide an avenue to invest in blue chip NFT projects.

One of the projects operating under this model, PleasrDAO, claims to be a collective of "unofficial leaders, early stage NFT collectors and digital artists" who are raising funds to purchase high-value NFTs that are paid for and owned by DAO members collectively.


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